An exhibition and collaboration between Linda Hemmersbach and percussionist James Field at Old Bank Residency, Manchester in 2019, exploring the possibilities of painting through animation, sound, and site-specific installation.

Inspired by a recent journey to Assynt in the Scottish Highlands, the works explore notions of geological time and processes, the continual changes of the earth, and ancient landscapes.

Throughout the exhibition, a sense of shifting and moving of elements is implied through the use of multi-part compositional structures and arrangements. Subtle dualities within the work suggest fragmentation and continuity, fluidity and solidity, immediacy and the ungraspable; evoking a psychological and atmospheric space.

The drawn, painted and sculpted forms conjure up an invisible world below the threshold of perception – attempting to visualise how forces and energy interrelate and giving shape to hidden configurations.

 © 2019 by Linda Hemmersbach