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Thought Forms

David Auborn, Lotti V Closs, Alex Crocker, Pippa Eason, Vincent Hawkins, Linda Hemmersbach



Thought Forms features six painters and sculptors concerned with shape.


The show includes paintings, sculptures, and works on paper that are personal, playful, and eccentric, but also slow and thoughtful. Shapes are considered as ambiguous and resistant to language. 


Committed to the handmade, the artists are interested in the intricacies of surface, colour, and touch. Through an intuitive process involving the building up and scraping down of layers, shapes are arrived at until something unfamiliar and surprising emerges. The maker’s body as an organ of knowing plays an important role.


Shapes may remind us of something once seen or felt yet ungraspable, ultimately remaining malleable and resisting definition. Drawing attention to them means unravelling private universes of personal language, gesture, signs, and sensations.


Working with shapes is a way for the artists to engage with their inner worlds, stripping down to the bones of thinking itself.

On view at ​PS Mirabel Manchester, June 2022

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