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'Solo exhibition at Cass Art Manchester in 2019, presenting a body of work made over the past year.

Fragmentary and ephemeral, it speaks of a body in space, making sense of an unfamiliar landscape.

Fleeting marks have been made on various surfaces: paper, aluminium, canvas, plaster. Unstretched canvases hang suspended, reaching out into space. Pigments pool on cold metal. Some forms have left the confines of a two-dimensional surface, extending the painting.

Together the works form a collection of signifiers that refer to experiences and atmospheres. Circulating between the internal and external, parts migrate from work to work - a colour, a rhythm, an arrangement of lines. Something that was lost might be found again elsewhere: a continuous cycle of discovery and abandonment.

Energy and time are embedded in everything. Like a deposit in a rock, carrying energy absorbed millions of years ago by living matter, connecting an ungraspable past with the present.

The paintings here exist outside of language. They are an attempt to communicate what is unspeakable and unseen, what remains and what persists.

What does it feel like to be the wave, the fracture in the rock?

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